1. "Education and propaganda: Tradeoffs to public education provision in nondemocracies," Journal of Public Economics, 2018, 160: 66-81.

Working Papers

  1. "The economic legacy of expulsion: Lessons from postwar Czechoslovakia," Revised & Resubmitted at The Economic Journal.

  2. "Shocks and the spatial distribution of economic activity: The role of institutions," Revise & Resubmit at Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization.

Works in Progress

  1. "Nation-building and state-building: National identity, state capacity, and economic performance" (with Stergios Skaperdas).

  2. "Resource blessing? Oil risk and the rise of religion as social insurance in the U.S. South" (with Andreas Ferrara).

Patrick A.


Assistant Professor of Economics

Tulane University

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