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Working papers

  1. "The Confederate Diaspora"​ (with Samuel BazziAndreas Ferrara, Martin Fiszbein, and Thomas Pearson), Revise & Resubmit at the Review of Economic Studies.

    • Download: Draft (with appendices).​

    • Summary: Former Confederates, including former slaveholders, migrated into positions of power throughout the postbellum U.S., diffusing and entrenching exclusionary racial norms.

  2. “New Area- and Population-based Geographic Crosswalks for U.S. Counties and Congressional Districts, 1790-2020” (with Andreas Ferrara and Liyang Zhou), Revise & Resubmit at Historical Methods.

  3. "Political Foundations of Racial Violence in the Post-Reconstruction South" (with Jhacova Williams).

    • Download: Draft (with appendices).​

    • Summary: Lynchings of Black people in the post-Reconstruction U.S. South were closely tied to the local political performance of the Democratic Party.

  4. "National Identity, Public Goods, and Modern Economic Development" (with Stergios Skaperdas).

    • Download: Draft (with appendices).​

    • Summary: In modern states, national identity facilitates consensuses between elites and the masses behind taxes and public goods that boost national economic status.


  1. "The Other Great Migration: Southern Whites and the New Right​," Quarterly Journal of Economics, 2023, 138, 1577–1647 (with Samuel BazziAndreas Ferrara, Martin Fiszbein, and Thomas Pearson).​

  2. "Churches as Social Insurance: Oil Risk and Religion in the U.S. South," Journal of Economic History, 2023, 83, 786–832 (with Andreas Ferrara).​

  3. "Sundown Towns and Racial Exclusion: The Southern White Diaspora and the 'Great Retreat'," American Economic Association: Papers and Proceedings, 2022, 112, 234–8 (with Samuel BazziAndreas Ferrara, Martin Fiszbein, and Thomas Pearson).

    • Download: Draft, Replication files.

    • Summary: All-white sundown towns spread throughout the Western U.S. in the 1900s, led in part by white Southern migrants and causing a "Great Retreat" of Blacks.

  4. "The Economic Legacy of Expulsion: Lessons from Post-war Czechoslovakia," The Economic Journal, 2021, 131, 2233–71.

  5. "Shocks and the Spatial Distribution of Economic Activity: The Role of Institutions," Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization, 2021, 183, 791–810.

  6. "Education and Propaganda: Tradeoffs to Public Education Provision in Nondemocracies," Journal of Public Economics, 2018, 160, 66–81.


Works in progress

  1. "The Origins and Diffusion of Sundown Towns: Uncovering a History of Racial Exclusion" (with Samuel Bazzi, Eric ChynAndreas Ferrara, Martin Fiszbein, and Thomas Pearson).

  2. "National Identity and Capital Accumulation" (with Stergios Skaperdas).

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