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  1. "Churches as Social Insurance: Oil Risk and Religion in the U.S. South," Journal of Economic History, 2023, 83, 786–832 (with Andreas Ferrara).​

  2. "The Other Great Migration: Southern Whites and the New Right​," Quarterly Journal of Economics, 2023, 138, 1577–1647 (with Samuel BazziAndreas Ferrara, Martin Fiszbein, and Thomas Pearson).​

  3. "Sundown Towns and Racial Exclusion: The Southern White Diaspora and the 'Great Retreat'," American Economic Association: Papers and Proceedings, 2022, 112, 234–8 (with Samuel BazziAndreas Ferrara, Martin Fiszbein, and Thomas Pearson).

    • Download: Draft, Replication files.

    • Summary: All-white sundown towns spread throughout the Western U.S. in the 1900s, led in part by white Southern migrants and causing a "Great Retreat" of Blacks.

  4. "The Economic Legacy of Expulsion: Lessons from Post-war Czechoslovakia," The Economic Journal, 2021, 131, 2233–71.

  5. "Shocks and the Spatial Distribution of Economic Activity: The Role of Institutions," Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization, 2021, 183, 791–810.

  6. "Education and Propaganda: Tradeoffs to Public Education Provision in Nondemocracies," Journal of Public Economics, 2018, 160, 66–81.


Working papers

  1. "The Confederate Diaspora"​ (with Samuel BazziAndreas Ferrara, Martin Fiszbein, and Thomas Pearson).

    • Download: Draft (with appendices).​

    • Summary: Former Confederates, including former slaveholders, migrated into positions of power throughout the postbellum U.S., diffusing and entrenching exclusionary racial norms.

  2. "National Identity, Public Goods, and Modern Economic Development" (with Stergios Skaperdas).

    • Download: Draft (with appendices).​

    • Summary: In modern states, national identity facilitates consensuses between elites and the masses behind taxes and public goods that boost national economic status.

  3. “New Area- and Population-based Geographic Crosswalks for U.S. Counties and Congressional Districts, 1790-2020,” CAGE Working Paper 588 (with Andreas Ferrara and Liyang Zhou).​


Works in progress

  1. "Political Foundations of Racial Violence in the Post-Reconstruction South" (with Jhacova Williams).

  2. "The Origins and Diffusion of Sundown Towns: Uncovering a History of Racial Exclusion" (with Samuel Bazzi, Eric ChynAndreas Ferrara, Martin Fiszbein, and Thomas Pearson).

  3. "National Identity and Capital Accumulation" (with Stergios Skaperdas).

 © 2023 Patrick A. Testa.

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