Assistant Professor of Economics at Tulane University

Patrick A. Testa


Course Instructor

  • Microeconomic Theory I (Graduate), Tulane University (Fall 2019)

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  • Positive Political Economy (Undergraduate), Tulane University (Fall 2019)

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  • Political Economy of Nondemocracy (Undergraduate), Tulane University (Spring 2020)

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Teaching Assistant

  • Microeconomic Theory I: General Equilibrium (Graduate), UC Irvine

  • Microeconomic Theory II: Game Theory (Graduate), UC Irvine

  • Microeconomic Theory III: Auctions and Mechanism Design (Graduate), UC Irvine

  • Intermediate Microeconomics II (Undergraduate), UC Irvine

  • Basic Microeconomics (Undergraduate), UC Irvine

  • Basic Macroeconomics (Undergraduate), UC Irvine

  • Global Economy (Undergraduate), UC Irvine

  • Game Theory and Politics (Undergraduate), UC Irvine

Select Evaluations

  • "[Patrick] discussed difficult topic[s] in an easy way; well organized." (Microeconomic Theory I)

  • "Patrick was able to effectively and precisely explain some of the more complex concepts in game theory." (Microeconomic Theory II)

  • "[Patrick was] very knowledgeable and summarized the lecture concisely. Went into a lot of detail, and seemed to put a lot of effort into discussions." (Microeconomic Theory III)

  • "[Patrick] explained concepts clearly and thoroughly, [and] his presentations were very concise.... he was helpful with questions and always accessible." (Basic Macroeconomics)

  • "My favorite thing about Pat is that he notices my confused face and asks the class if anyone has a question so I have an opportunity to ask him questions. He is also approachable... so I'm not afraid to ask him to explain it again." (Game Theory and Politics)

For a compilation of my TA evaluations, click here.

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